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ELLS Newsletter Autumn 2015

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The new edition of the ELLS Newsletter is now online! Our Autumn edition, which can be accessed here, announces the EMBLog relaunch,…

Enlightening experiments

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From making fully-functional paper microscopes to observing zebrafish embryos, the 20 000 people who visited the Science Days in Rust, Germany, this October were offered a unique twist on the event’s theme, ‘Fascination Light’, at the EMBL stand.

Ages apart

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Age may seem like a straightforward measurement: the number of years, months, days since you were born. But for cells in different parts of your body, age can mean very different things.

Geneticists for a day

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Labcoats, micropipettes, hot blocks and a thermocycler – these were just some of the things ten eager researchers between the age of 11 and 17 could call their own for a day.