EMBL Insight Lectures

The EMBL Insight Lectures represent a lecture series held annually by scientists who are working at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

The idea behind the EMBL Insight Lectures is to inform young people about current trends in life science research and to show how research is influencing our every day lives.

The presentations are specifically designed for students and teachers alike who are interested in life science research and who want to make cutting-edge research a part of their biology lessons. The slides offer attractive graphical illustrations, short text explanations which are reduced to the point and a coherent design which makes it easy to understand complex topics.

Please note: In order to watch the video-on-demand lectures you will need an internet browser offering either HTML5 compatibility or have the free Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed.

EMBL Insight Lecture 2016

    Professor Ewan Birney, who is Director of the EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute, and his research team study genetic variation and algorithms.

    EMBL Insight Lecture 2015

      Jan Ellenberg (EMBL Heidelberg) and his research group study cell division by combining genetic approaches with high-throughput light microscopy and computational methods.

      EMBL Insight Lecture 2014

        Cornelius Gross (EMBL Monterotondo) and his team study the molecular and neural basis of behaviour, in particular the role of neural circuits in controlling emotions such as fear and anxiety.

        EMBL Insight Lecture 2013

          Christiane Schaffitzel (EMBL Grenoble) and her team study the function and three-dimensional structure of ribosomes using a combination of molecular biology, biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy.

          EMBL Insight Lecture 2012

            Eric Karsenti (EMBL Heidelberg) and his crew have completed her 60 000 nautical mile journey across the world’s major oceans to study the tiny organisms that make up roughly 98% of the ocean’s biomass.

            EMBL Insight Lecture 2011

              Maja Köhn (EMBL Heidelberg) and her group are working to design molecules that inhibit proteins involved in disease mechanisms and on understanding molecular mechanisms of such proteins.

              EMBL Insight Lecture 2010

                Group leader Jan Korbel (EMBL Heidelberg) provides an introduction to new advances in DNA sequencing technology and human genome analysis and gives an insight into its possible implications.